A New Home

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A New Home

Hello, friends!

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Today, I have a small but important update. I’m moving! Both in-person and for my online presence. This week, I’m starting the move from Substack to Ghost, and in June I’ll be moving from California to Virginia. So many wonderful changes, so little time!

I appreciate your support and patronage deeply, and am so grateful to my diligent readers here on Halvorson Times. Substack was a good place to grow this amazing community, but Ghost is going to be the perfect place for it to thrive.

Why the change?

Substack has continued to add social features that damage my ability to form real connections with my community. By acting as a middleman, Substack takes a substantial portion of the money I get from regular subscribers.

Substack also makes it more difficult to maintain a pure email list of readers and supporters. Their recent social updates mean that people can “follow” me without adding their email to my list. That makes us all more beholden to Substack in perpetuity, and that sort of walled garden is bad for everybody.

What happens now?

Ghost makes it pretty easy to migrate my community from Substack, so you shouldn’t have to do anything! You might need to verify that your email account isn’t sending my newsletter to your spam folders in the weeks ahead, but that’s a pretty easy fix. I want this to be as seamless as possible.

I’m particularly excited about this change because it means I can open up funding tiers again. It also means that I can finally start expanding on the content that I write. I’ve been hankering to get back to more articles about film and tech, but that’s been difficult on this platform. On Ghost, I’ll have a centralized space to share everything I do.

I’ll still have work posted to Medium (sometimes exclusively), but paid members of my Newsletter will always get free access to those. You’ll also have access to new offerings I hope to create, like interviews, podcast episodes, special articles, and more!

This complements my physical move nicely as well, because as my job search on the East Coast continues, I want to be able to share a strong portfolio of the work I do in the world. I’m just so grateful that I can bring this community with me wherever I go.

Well, that’s it for now. Be on the lookout for a welcome letter from my new Ghost-based newsletter. And until then, go easy, dear readers. Or, if you can’t go easy, just go as easy as you can.


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