An Advanced Course in Practical History

The librarian smiled. “That’s the book you need, no doubt.”

An Advanced Course in Practical History
By Adolf Liebscher/Karel Liebscher — Public domain — Kramerius Digital Libraryː, CC BY-SA 4.0

Samantha stared at the tattered old book with a look of profound distaste. “There has to be a new copy. This doesn’t even look like the one my professor assigned!”

The librarian smiled. “That’s the one you need, no doubt.”

“Fine, whatever.” She picked it up, opened it at random. “Hey, this book is blan — ”

She blinked. The librarian was gone. The library was gone. A wild northerly wind buffeted her face as she looked out, over an ancient castle wall’s parapet, upon an expanse of wheat fields, drying golden in the sun.


She looked at the book in her hand. “I should have taken Advanced Practical History years ago.

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