Don’t Look Up

Bleak, funny, far too real. You should watch it immediately, then share with everyone you know.

Don’t Look Up
Don’t Look Up (2021)

I love good satire, I’m there for dark films, and this cast is absolutely killer. The only problem? This film seems less like satirical wit and more like premonition.

The premise is the same as all the big blockbuster flicks you’ve ever heard of: a planet-killing catastrophe is on the way. Discovered by scientists, a threat looms above our heads like the Sword of Damocles, here to cull our egotistic species once and for all.

The scientists reach out to world leaders, to the press, to the very people on the streets… only to find that nobody cares. Wait, what? That’s not how the trope goes!

Unfortunately, this is how reality goes. I think it’s safe to say that it seems silly to think that people could ignore a massive catastrophe looming on the horizon, let alone deride and ridicule those who try to point our awareness toward it. But, sadly, this isn’t fiction. People really have buried their heads in the sand.

For decades, scientific minds have been working out the problem of climate change. We know that the problem exists, we know, roughly, what the effects will be down to specifics that can and will affect your home, no matter how close to the ocean you happen to live. We’ve had the clarion call to action sounded loudly by our protectors. But the watchdogs have been ignored, or fattened up on corporate-sponsored treats.

In Don’t Look Up, the message is ultimately bleak: the wealthy, arrogant, and vile will do everything in their power to survive, while leaving the rest of us to rot. But they can only do this with our willing support and aid. In order for the mega-corporations, the Elon Musks, and the conservative egomaniacs to destroy our planet (whilst building backup plans for their own use), they need us to remain fixated on the petty and the inane.

We already see the barest, timid tip of the iceberg of change approaching. The warning signs aren’t even as vivid as those in Don’t Look Up’s bleak sky. But they’re here, they’re growing worse, and before long they’re going to be unstoppable. Not quite yet, but soon, our doom will be decided; our fate will be made by our own artistic hands.

So. Good movie? Most definitely. Struggled a bit in the mid-section. Great acting. Sharp humor. But too damn real, by far. I strongly suggest you watch it, and share it with your friends.

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