How Enshrouded’s Voxel World Captured Two Million Hearts

A survival crafting game for our inner kid.

How Enshrouded’s Voxel World Captured Two Million Hearts

Sure, early access games can be hit-or-miss, but when one passes two-million players, you’ve got to take notice. Enshrouded, a new post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy game from indie studio Keen Games, has ignited a passionate fan base through a blend of action, survival, and crafting within a massive voxel-based setting.

Set in the realm of Embervale, you take on the role of a descendant of a people destroyed through their hubris and lust for magical power. Alone, or together with up to 16 friends in co-op mode, you will tackle the corrupting forces of The Shroud head-on, fighting, building, and crafting your way to a society renewed.

Antony Christoulakis, Enshrouded’s creative director, highlighted the huge, carefully crafted world, the engaging lore, and features immersive exploration as particularly enticing features.

Players have total freedom to explore however they want, gliding, grappling up walls and cliff faces, even tunneling beneath barriers. This approach provides a little something for every play style, as unique skill-tree combinations and powerful crafting offer every play the opportunity to sculpt the flow of the game to suit their mood.

It’s this emphasis on creativity that helped Enshrouded reach the two-million players mark in less than a month after launching. That, at the designer’s earnest efforts at improving gameplay, solving bugs, and connecting directly with their fans. Their diligence is clearly paying off. With a consistent “very positive” ranking on Steam, the reception from players appears to be unanimous.

The designers intend to have the game out of early access in as little as one year, and have a whole host more features planned (from base invasions to exciting new biomes). I’d say that it’s a good bet Enshrouded will be keeping its fans on their toes in the months to come.

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