Love and Monsters

I watched the best film. It’s so good that I want you to stop reading this review and go watch it, right now.

Love and Monsters

The best antidote in these hard times.

I watched the best film, and its name is Love and Monsters. It’s so good that I want you to stop reading this review and go watch it, right now. Or as soon as you are able. And then come back and finish reading this and maybe leave a few likes and a comment… because I can always use the encouragement.

If you were a fan of Zombieland the first time you watched it, but found that with subsequent viewings (and a little personal growth) certain aspects of that film took on a rather negative gleam… if you are sick to death of shows that glorify violence, meanness, and horror-for-horror’s-sake then you are going to HANDS DOWN love Love and Monsters.

This film is the antidote to so much pain and misery, a desperate grab at an imagined worst outcome that somehow still manages to contain the best of humanity.

You know what I hate about The Walking Dead, and all these other various shows that got so popular? They normalize the worst in humanity. But I believe that even in the worst of circumstances (including gigantic ants, spiders, worms, and who-knows-what-else) there will be good people making it through. That people will fundamentally love and try to protect one another rather than destroy one another. And that the destroyers are actually a small minority.

“Look for the helpers,” is the phrase that Mr. Rogers said. It’s stuck with me. Well, this film is all about looking for the helpers. It’s seriously superb and deserves far greater accolades than my humble keyboard can bestow. Namely: it deserves your time, the most precious commodity you have. Check it out now and tell me about it in the comments.

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