I Offer Tutoring Tech, PKM, and More!

Need help advancing your tech skills?

You might be overwhelmed by the advances in modern technology.

You might be worried about AI, or be uncertain how you can protect yourself from online threats.

I can help! Confusion, overwhelm, and anxiety are perfectly reasonable responses to the complexities of the modern technological world. But there are resources, tactics, and tools that can help.

The most important thing to do, however, is to approach these issues with compassion, patience, and self-care.

How can I help you?

I have a decade of experience with evolving technological needs. As a Library and Information Science professional, I have extensive experience supporting individuals and groups in every aspect of the modern tech landscape.

I can provide 1-1 support over Zoom, or meet in person for technology and security events. My specialties include: 

  • Windows, Android, Apple; 

  • All common apps; beginner-intermediate Internet security training (scam recognition, tech safety, etc.); 

  • Personal knowledge management for students, professionals, and enthusiasts (apps, planning, and systems for smarter note-taking and time-management).

What have I done for others?


I coded and organized the beta site for Fight for the First, and worked on projects for app development.

Pacific Zen Institute

I ran the audio-video department for PZI for five years, and was a member of the team that created KALPA: the world’s largest online repository of English-language zen teachings.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

I served on the tech-support team for the SFWAs first-ever fully online conference in 2020.

The World Fantasy Convention

I headed up the tech team for the entire conference, and the hard work and dedication of my tech team was single-handedly responsible for the convention’s success.

Socrates Cafe / Democracy Cafe

As an advisory board member, I have advised the leadership of platform choices, outreach campaigns, video content, and more.

Surrey International Writing Conference

I have twice served as a tech-support lead for the conference.

And many more!

I am the editor-in-chief of the Student Research Journal for San Jose State University, I have run professional literary journals, written technology articles for Howchoo.com and BTTB.io, and managed volunteer teams for organizations like The Strand literary magazine.