@adam I'll do some poking around, thanks! I'd like to find a good way to do it so I'm not just arriving and complaining, lol, but offering legitimate and potentially useful feedback.

@hutaffe I call it "productivity adjacent" lol. You can drag the different scenes/chapters under one-another, too, to provide a bit more hierarchy, which can help with complex plots and the like. :)

@hutaffe I like it. I agree: it's got some limitations, and I may go back to Scrivener for projects in the future because it's just so much more fully-featured, but Obsidian is so powerful that LF really just adds a scene/chapter compatibility layer on top of a whole world bible for me. The back-links to world info (and the ability to link to uncreated files and have those searchable is huge).

Mainly, I just dislike the idea that it's a plugin that could be discontinued someday, but then... I guess Scrivener could as well.

I plan to use it for NaNo next month!