Self-Care in Violent Times

A reminder of what we face, and what we must do to hold the line.

Self-Care in Violent Times
Photo by Cas Holmes on Unsplash

Well, there’s been some mighty depressing news in the world of late: what with fascist murderers going free, friends and loved ones passing, climate change bearing down in (unfortunately) predictable and horrifying ways, and widespread inequality that leaves us saying things like “It’s fine,” and “It’s not as bad as it could be,” while we’re all actually inundated with severe psychic and sometimes physical trauma.

Now is the time, more than ever, for us to take care of one another, to speak earnestly to our loved ones, to build community where, and when, we can. Most important is the space to remember that the tension in our lives, the pains we feel, are not our own failings but rather the failings of the systems within which we live. But, as with systems before, and systems that shall come after a thousand years from now, change is possible if we hold the course and do not suffer silently.

Do something for yourself today. Not a “treat”; not any of the normal things the internet tells you to do for self-pampering: no, do something worthwhile for yourself, something that uplifts, enriches, and enlivens your existence. Use this moment to make yourself better than you were and bring yourself a touch of that deeper joy found only in growth and true fulfillment. Then, spend some time with someone you love and remind yourself of the things that truly matter.

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