The Best Mastodon App

This is, by far, the best Mastodon experience around!

The Best Mastodon App
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New users are confused! We’re so used to being corralled into a corporation’s walled garden that we don’t know what to do when the wall is removed. Luckily, the answer to people’s questions is actually really simple.

Mastodon is part of a larger federation of apps that all talk to one another. Think of it like a bunch of towns and cities connected by roads. You might hang out in the “Mastodon suberbs”, but you can easily hop into your car and visit your friends over in “Plemora-town.”

When millions of new users began migrating to Twitter due to Elon Musk’s horrendous behavior, the non-profit that develops Mastodon rushed their still-being-designed “official” application out to meet the needs of their users. But, this app is still “early-access” and it’s missing a lot of key features. But, that is okay because you don’t need to use the official app to enjoy everything that Mastodon, and the whole “fediverse” have to offer!

Want to get started with one easy and compassionate guide? Let me help!

Tusky (Android)

One of the longest-serving apps for Mastodon, Tusky has great features, a clean interface that allows for theme customization, and the stability to ensure a great user experience.

Metatext and Tooot (Apple iOS)

Two superb apps for Apple users. Multiple accounts, alt-text for images, customized themes, and more!

The Progressive Web App (PWA) for both iOS and Android!

Progressive web apps are just normal web pages that have been converted into an application that you can add to your phone’s home screen. These days, there are hardly any cons to using this method, and for Mastodon there can be some big pluses!

If you use the PWA for Mastodon, you will end up with the most authentic user experience.

Best of all, installing a PWA is easy!

Picking the right one

Chances are, if you’ve been using a Mastodon app, and you get the feeling that you’re just not having the best experience… it’s probably time to try a different application! Often times, people who are having a hard time with Mastodon simply aren’t using the best application for the service.

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