What’s New in the Fediverse?

Fresh from the 2023 Fediforum “unconference” this is the latest news!

What’s New in the Fediverse?
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Imagine a world of infinities, where you can go wherever you want, be whoever you need to be, and make friends unrestricted by corporate barriers. Welcome to the wall-less garden of the real: the Fediverse.

The Compassionate User’s Guide to Mastodon
There are plenty of “idiots guides” but what about a guide that’s kind?

The Fediverse conference is organized Kaliya Young, Johannes Ernst, and Jennifer Holmes, as a way to showcase the hottest topics in the world of federated technology.

You’ve heard the term before: “Fediverse.” Broadly, this refers to a type of technology that puts you and your real connections back at the forefront of Internet life.

Myths About Mastodon
If you’re new to the federated social network, this is for you.

Within the Fediverse, all apps connect with one another: friends on one social network can see and share things with friends on another network. Everyone has the freedom of choice about where and how they want to be part of the wider communities — and nobody is turned into a battery for corporate profits.


Bridgy Fed hosted by Ryan Barrett

Bridgy Fed federates traditional web sites and blogs directly into the fediverse, and back again.”

Flipboard hosted by Mike McCue

With this integration, you’ll see posts from your Mastodon feeds on Flipboard, and you can like, boost and reply to them from within the Flipboard app. You can also add content from Mastodon to your Flipboard Magazines, and vice versa: share content from Flipboard with your followers on Mastodon.”

Mammoth: for Mastodon hosted by Shihab Mehboob

“A beautiful Mastodon app for the rest of us. Super-simple onboarding flow and power features.”

micro.blog hosted by Manton Reece

“Micro.blog is a fediverse blogging platform and social network.”

Owncast hosted by Gabe Kangas

“The open source live video server for your events. Broadcast your performances, games, communities, conferences, and more without big tech.”

Planetary hosted by Rabble

“Peer-to-peer social network with thousands of communities.”

Steampipe hosted by Jon Udell

“Steampipe is an open-source tool that maps APIs to Postgres tables, and visualizes queries on dashboards.”

Whalebird& Fedistar hosted by Akira Fukushima

“Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey clients for the desktop.”

WordPress ActivityPub plugin hosted by Matthias Pfefferle

“The plugin implements the ActivityPub protocol for your blog, to federate articles/notes and receive reactions from the fediverse.”

I didn’t see news about more Medium integrations or about Tumblr’s supposed deep integration to ActivityPub, but maybe we’ll see more about those in the days ahead.

Safety on Mastodon vs. Twitter
Mastodon is safer than Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok in so many ways.

All of us here on Medium are likely excited about Medium’s hinted shift toward greater integration with Mastodon — I, for one, cannot wait until the share to Twitter function is no longer the default.

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