Family by Any Name

Leery, I went in and, shocked, I froze.

Family by Any Name
Canis lupus familiaris — 1870 — Print — Iconographia Zoologica — Special Collections University of Amsterdam

My roommate barred the door to the den with her arms.

“Jamie, c’mon… Why not?” I was frustrated. I mean, I’d been dumped! it was fair to be grumpy. “I just want to go crash on the couch and eat this pizza.”

“Yeah…well… look, I know it’s been a tough day, just wait another second, okay?”

“It’s good!” My other roomie, Dan, called out.

Jamie grinned. “Rad, awesome. Go on.”

Leery, I went in. Froze.

Dan held a leash attached to the cutest golden, fluffy dog.

“But…” I said, “You’re allergic!”

Jamie grinned. “You’re fam. I’ll work it out.”

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