The Wheel Turns

General Sam Chen-Anhaeuser’s clenched fists were white at the knuckles.

The Wheel Turns
By Homer, Winslow, 1836–1910, artist — Library of CongressCatalog: Public Domain

General Sam Chen-Anhaeuser watched the reunion party kick into full swing beneath the transparent dome of Jupiter Station, and hated himself for what was about to be done.

“They fought bravely,” he said to the whiplike man nearby.

“Of course. And yet, there is no longer any war. The… ah… undesirable factions have been all but dissolved.”

“No pay? No medical?”

“Such is the way of the world, sir.”

Sam’s clenched fists were white at the knuckles. “You said ‘all but’ just then.”

“Did I?”

“Oh, yes.”

The man smiled. “Of course… we thank them for their service.”

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